Pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes in and around Wimborne, Dorset.

Hi, I’m Jenna. I support pre and postnatal women by helping them to develop skills to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally in pregnancy and motherhood.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are some of the defining experiences of your life and I want to help you focus, prepare and relax to help you thrive during this important part of your life.

Read on for more information on my offerings.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Every Tuesday | 19:45-21:00

The Allendale Centre, Wimborne

  • My classes are specifically for pregnant women and will be tailored to help ease any ailments you mention in our hello circle at the beginning of class.
  • Suitable for yoga beginners or those with a regular practice.
  • Pay as you go and discounted packages available.

Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga Classes

Classes restart in September

Postnatal Mum and Baby yoga offers an opportunity to build physical strength and learn breathwork and relaxation techniques to help you thrive – a safe space to support your journey through motherhood:

  • Build up strength from the inside out, working to restore the pelvic floor
  • Ease out aches and pains from feeding or awkward sleeping positions
  • Learn techniques to cope with the mental and emotional demands of motherhood
  • Time out for relaxation and bonding with baby
  • Meet other new Mums in the area

Monthly Meetups

I believe building your village is a key component to thriving in motherhood which is why I host a pay what you can meetup on a monthly basis allowing local mothers to have a safe, relaxing space to socialise with plenty of room for wiggling babies! No need to attend any of my classes, everybody is welcome.

Check my Facebook page for details on the next event.

“The mix of movement, stretching, breathing, gentle strengthening, and relaxation is a really good combination – it hits all the right spots.”

Emma W.

FEDANT & LushTums Accredited

I’m proud to have trained with Clare Maddalena at LushTums who has been at the forefront of prenatal and postnatal yoga and education for the last 20 years. The LushTums course is accredited by both FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) and Yoga Alliance ensuring all movement is safe for you and your baby.


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