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Pregnancy and postnatal yoga and community events in Wimborne, Dorset.

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Hi, I’m Jenna, founder of Intuition Yoga

I’m a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher based in Dorset dedicated to supporting mothers. I aim to help women thrive physically, mentally and emotionally during pregnancy and motherhood, creating welcoming communities through my yoga classes, events and 121 work.

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LushTums Pregnancy Yoga classes, 121s and group workshops to meet the unique needs of pregnant women.

Pregnancy Yoga

In my LushTums pregnancy yoga classes you will be guided through gentle yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises that can help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts and prepare you for childbirth. Join us for a safe and supportive community of expectant mothers.

Tuesdays, 7:45pm, Allendale Centre, Wimborne

Thursdays, 11:00am, Allendale House, Wimborne

Birth Prep 121 Sessions

In my Birth Prep 121 sessions we empower expectant parents with the knowledge and tools to navigate the transformative journey of childbirth. These personalized sessions combine evidence-based information, breathing techniques, gentle yoga, and mindfulness practices to enhance physical and emotional well-being, promote relaxation, and foster a positive birth experience. Guiding you towards a confident and empowered birth.

Mother Blessings

Mother Blessings are a beautiful and empowering celebration of pregnancy and motherhood. These gatherings honour and support expectant mothers, fostering a sense of community, love, and connection.

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LushTums Postnatal Yoga classes, 121s and community events to help you thrive physically, mentally and emotionally in motherhood.

Postnatal Yoga

My LushTums postnatal yoga classes provide a safe and nurturing environment for new mothers to reconnect with their bodies and babies. Our classes focus on gentle movements, breathing techniques, and relaxation to help alleviate postpartum discomforts, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Join us to find balance and support during this transformative time.

Wimborne Mothers Collective

Wimborne Mothers Collective is a supportive community of mothers brought together by Intuition Yoga. The collective offers a safe space for mothers to connect, share experiences, and receive support from one another and our guest speakers. Through regular meetups the collective aims to empower mothers and promote their well-being.

Rhythm and Rise

Rhythm and Rise is a unique offering that combines movement, breathwork, and mother circle style guided discussion to create a transformative experience. This offering is designed to help individuals connect with themselves, body and mind.

Client Testimonials


Jenna has a fantastic positive outlook, whilst also acknowledging and empathising with the challenges of life with a new baby. I’m very grateful for Jenna’s support and would highly recommend her classes.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I have been attending Jenna’s classes every Tuesday and honestly she is the best! The movements and breathing techniques become so natural because they’re practised every week and give a real sense of calm.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


After meeting Jenna the first time she made me feel totally comfortable and welcome to her yoga classes. Cannot recommend highly enough! So pleased I found you to help prepare for my first labour Jenna!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Peace of mind

Ensuring the safety of both you and your baby during your yoga practice is my top priority. As a FEDANT-registered instructor with Yoga Alliance-accredited training from LushTums, you can trust in the security and effectiveness of my pregnancy and postnatal yoga sessions.

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