Positive Birth Story: From Difficult Pregnancy to Amazing Birth

mother holds newborn baby in birthing pool

There are few things in life more miraculous and awe-inspiring than the birth of a child. It is a moment that is filled with anticipation, excitement, and a sense of wonder that can be hard to put into words. The journey to birth can be filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, so I am truly grateful to one of my lovely pregnancy yoga clients who has given permission to share her positive birth story which left tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my skin! It is a story that reminds us of the power of making informed decisions and trusting your instincts. Thank you for sharing!

Pregnancy Concerns

“I had a few bumps in the road during my pregnancy, we found out baby had club foot at our 20 week scan which initially was difficult to hear but after lots of research we came to terms with it – we understood it has a great success rate with treatment and they wouldn’t have any issues with walking etc later in life. I was then referred for growth scans because of the club foot and at 34 weeks they classed the baby in the 97th percentile, with short femurs, large stomach and head. They tried to have me take a gestational diabetes test which I declined and took matters in my own hands by buying my own sugar test kit from Amazon and regularly checking myself. I didn’t have any concerns with my sugar levels and told midwife and consultant this. On many occasions though they didn’t believe me and still felt I needed to have the glucose test! There is some great information out there if you really look yourself and I had the confidence to stand up for what I knew was right despite being made to feel I was wrong in many occasions!

Feeling the Pressure

At 36 weeks baby was still showing large in the scan and they wanted to induce me at 39 weeks due to the size of baby and that they felt I had diabetes (I didn’t!) I was told that my chance of still birth was 3 times higher, shoulder dystocia was higher which may result in severe trauma and tearing for me and cerebral palsy for baby. Being told these things and not being given any stats behind them was incredibly distressing for me and I left many appointments in tears doubting my own instincts and whether I was making the right choice for baby. I was told I must give birth in the Labour Ward and I must have constant fetal monitoring – the reason I didn’t want induction is because I didn’t feel that a large baby was enough of a risk factor alone to be induced. With induction it can lead to a cascade of other interventions, and this wasn’t something I wanted unless the baby or myself was at serious risk.

I reached out to a private midwife who I had spoken to very early in my pregnancy and she said she was happy to take on my birth and give me the home birth I wished for, she listened to and supported me so much I knew I was making the right decision.

Labour Begins

When I was 40 weeks and 2 days I started having what I thought were braxton hicks (I’d been having them continuously for a couple of weeks). I went out that evening around 8.30pm for a dog walk with my partner and I had to keep stopping and holding on to him, he said these are different, did I think I was in labour? I was in complete denial still at this point and said no! When we got home they continued and got more frequent but it wasn’t until about midnight when I got a bloody show in the toilet and they were 5 mins apart that I accepted I was in labour and text my midwife.

Pain Management

I managed until about 4am breathing through with just a comb and the breathing techniques we covered in yoga class, I was on all fours as we do in your class for each contraction. After that my partner had set the birth pool up in our dining room and I got in that, what a relief! My midwife turned up at 5.30am and my contractions slowed down at this point, she suspects I was around 4cm but I had declined vaginal exams so this was a guess. She didn’t tell me what she thought and I’m glad of this as it would have been disheartening As I felt I was further along due to intensity.

I asked for gas and air around 7.30am and this helped a little but my breathing techniques were more effective so I used both. At 8am I started feeling the urge to push and ten mins later my body started spontaneously pushing, my midwife quickly rang for the second midwife which is needed for backup but after a very quick transition and pushing stage the 2nd midwife didn’t make it as baby made his appearance at 8.35am. He was healthy and weighed 8lb 6oz, which made him 85th percentile, so not even large for gestational age!

Serene, Positive Birth

My midwife commented how amazing it had been to witness how serene I was in between contractions, she said I entered another world and it was what she believed got me through so quickly from only just into active labour to birthing in only a couple hours, it just goes to show anything can happen. Had I been at hospital I would have been urged to have interventions to speed up labour as I wasn’t dilating quick enough at beginning!

I hope my story can inspire others to do their research, trust their instincts and seek help from others for alternative ways to doing it if that’s what is right for them. I had the most amazing birth but difficult pregnancy and I’m so proud I managed to turn it around. Yoga helped me centre myself and practice techniques that got me through my labour in a peaceful way.”

I love this story and it underlines the importance of questioning everything, doing your own research and checking the medical advice you are given against the NICE guidelines.

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