MotherWise Wellbeing Workshops

Essential tools to help you thrive

MotherWise Wellbeing Workshops provide you with the knowledge you need to enjoy a positive journey through pregnancy and motherhood. Offering information to help you make informed decisions and feel confident about what lies ahead, our team of midwives and holistic practitioners are passionate about allowing you to feel fully supported in this transformative stage of your life.

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Expert advice

Our team comprises of not one, but two midwives and a pre and postnatal yoga specialist. We are committed to providing you with relevant, fully researched advice to help you have the most positive experience available to you. Plus our Q&A sessions give you a chance to ask anything that we haven’t covered.

Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies can greatly improve your pregnancy and postnatal experience. We will discuss therapies such as aromatherapy massage and reflex zone therapy and where they might fit in with your birth and postnatal plan. Plus taster sessions will be available with Sam!

Positions for labour and birth

Learn how to work with your body, understand which positions are going to create more space for baby to get into their optimal position. Plus movement and techniques which are going to enhance your relaxation and encourage the production of that all important oxytocin.

Full Details…

Content to include:

  • Introduction to the microbiome
  • Complementary therapies
  • Birth Positions
  • Ask the Midwives Q&A
  • Nourishing refreshments
  • Goody bag with samples and discount vouchers

Meet The Team

Michelle Irving

Midwife & Pre/Post Natal Support

Michelle is a midwife with extensive experience and offers additional pre and postnatal support including hypnobirthing, midwifery consultations, birth planning discussions and infant feeding support. In addition she holds a PhD in Midwifery and teaches on the Midwifery course at Bournemouth University.

Samantha Pantlin

NHS & Holisitic Midwife

Sam is an NHS midwife trained in complementary therapies. She is passionate that women are empowered and supported in their pregnancy and offers therapies to help you manage maternity related ailments leaving you free to enjoy your pregnancy, become excited about your labour and birth and meeting your baby.

Jenna Foster

Pre & Postnatal Yoga Specialist

Jenna is building a local community for pre and postnatal women, offering yoga classes and workshops to learn and practice breath, movement and relaxation as well as friendly, down-to-earth, community events to help women thrive in pregnancy, birth and motherhood.