Pregnancy Yoga

Every Tuesday | 19:45-21:00

The Allendale Centre, Wimborne

Pregnancy yoga is an opportunity to take time to focus on your pregnancy and practice breathing, movement and relaxation techniques to prepare your body and mind for birth and beyond.

women practicing pregnancy yoga
pregnant woman being massaged with rebozo scarf

Birth Prep 121s

Birth Prep sessions give you and your birth partner the chance to work together, learning and practicing techniques to manage labour, no matter how it unfolds.

We delve deeper into the obstacles to a smooth birth and techniques to overcome them.

Mother Blessings – A Pregnancy Celebration

A beautiful ceremony to nourish, support and build confidence before you give birth. The focus is on creating a supportive and positive environment for the expecting mother, rather than on gift-giving or baby-focused activities you typically find at a baby shower.

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